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Style story

Gabrielle Lacasse

Get to know Gabrielle Lacasse, the Montreal founder of fashion and beauty blog @dentellefleurs.

Describe your style in three words.

Casual. Vintage. Effortless.

What’s most important to you in terms of style?

It must match my personality. I don’t follow every single trend, that’s why I often shop in second-hand or vintage stores. It’s important to feel good in my clothes so I never compromise on comfort.

Travel is a big part of your life. Which city in the world inspires you the most and why?

I visit Los Angeles twice a year to recharge my batteries and boost my creativity. I love the architecture, the sun, the relaxed atmosphere, the beach… The city is self-sufficient and so inspiring, it’s a real source of imagination for me.

Do you have a lifestyle/fashion muse?

I have more than one! Thanks to Instagram, I discover a new fashion muse pretty much every single week, and I’m not even exaggerating! I follow the three HAIM sisters and Always Judging, among others.

Why do you like your BonLook glasses?

They are affordable and made by a Quebec company. It’s important to encourage local creations. :)

Photos credit: Hailley Howard

      • Stellar - Gold

      • Celeste - Rose

      • Bad Beti - Mumtaz

      • Bad Beti - Mumtaz