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Style story

Samantha Cutler


Describe your style in three words.

Natural, Sporty, Glamorous.

What is your go-to look?

I spend 80% of my time in work out clothes. I have a closet full of matching sports bras and leggings. It’s an addiction! That’s what I wear in the week for training and teaching. Being comfortable all day long, I learned that style doesn’t have to compromise comfort and the older I get the more I realize that simplicity in fashion is beautiful.

What are your 2018 resolutions?

I believe in building off of your past successes as well as learning from your mistakes in setting goals or resolutions. Being realistic is a big struggle for most people. Some of mine for 2018 include making realistic to do lists each day, setting up a daily structure that works for me, implementing more entrepreneurial habits that will take my business to the next level.

What are your top healthy habits?

Hard one. I have a lot of course! The top advice I can give someone who is trying to find their health is to make yourself a priority. The concept is to be mindful in your choices and say no to things you don’t want to do, that may bring stress to your life.

Another one of my favourites is writing goals down. If you don’t have a concrete goal you cannot achieve it. When you do have a set goal you know what you are working towards each day and the pressure feels lifted.

Finally, move. Just get moving. I tell this to all my TFF challenge girls. I don’t care if it’s jumping jacks in your pyjamas once a day, but get your heart rate up and start to understand the feeling of endorphins and positive energy flowing through your body.

What are the fitness trends that you are obsessed with now?

Can I say Bodylicious? I teach a class that incorporates dance moves to a high intensity bootcamp structure. You are never sure if you’re in a circuit or a flash mob but it’s so much fun. People always tell me I have a huge smile on my face when I’m teaching! Fitness doesn’t need to be “no pain, no gain” anymore. It can be fun and about community building.

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